Our Trademark Expertise in China

Chinese trademark law can represent a real challenge for any business aiming to export to China.

China is both one of the world’s leading producers of counterfeits and a tremendous source of growth, given the size of its population and the emergence of a middle class.

To safeguard your efforts, it is important to anticipate your entry into the Chinese market by registering your trademark beforehand.

But equally important, it is essential to adapt your Marketing strategy and trademarks to the Chinese market.
We are one of the only firms to offer a global approach to protecting your brand in China by proposing a service of transcription of your brand in Chinese ideograms and then a full validation and registration process.

This service does not provide a translation of your trademark but a transliteration; it enables you to register a trademark in Chinese ideograms, the meaning of which reflects the positioning of your products and the values of your company.