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Vincent PONS - Laurent et Charras Lyon - Conseil en Propriété Industrielle / European Patent Attorney - hydrogène



Vincent Pons



Vincent PONS has a Master of Advanced Studies in Chemistry and Physical Chemistry of Transition Elements (Paul Sabatier University, Toulouse). After completing his PhD at the University of Washington (Seattle), Vincent continued his career in research at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL, Los Alamos), working closely with the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn, Philadelphia). Vincent spent nearly 10 years in the USA studying hydrogen activation. He is the co-author of reference articles (up to 900 citations) on hydrogen storage in the transportation field.

Upon returning to France, after completing a CIEPI diploma, Vincent joined the commercialization department at the University of Strasbourg as an Intellectual Property and Chemistry – Materials Manager.

Vincent joined LAURENT & CHARRAS in 2010, where he is a Patent Engineer.

Vincent is an Industrial Property Attorney and European Patent Representative. Vincent also has the Diploma in Patent Litigation in Europe (CEIPI, 2016).

Vincent has been a partner of the firm since 2018.


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